“Taming James (Unexpected Emotion Book 2)” by Beth Hale

Taming James
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Let me begin by saying this is the second book I’ve read by author Beth Hale and she is fast becoming my favorite romance writer. In her book “Taming James” she once again creates characters that are so vibrant they seem to step off the pages.

Beth Hale
Beth Hale. Author

“Taming James” follows Liv (Olivia) Hughes as she pursues her career in London, England. Having left her home in Knoxville, Tennessee because of something traumatic that occurred, she moves to her company’s office overseas. An accountant, she is working on a project with her co-worker James Wylie, who is known as a “ladies man” around the office. Although he subtly expresses an interest in her, she is resistant. This is the first indication she might have an unhappy romance in her past.

As they become friendlier Liv relaxes enough to allow James to become part of her life, though not as a lover. When she returns to Tennessee to visit her family she invites James to accompany her. He meets her parents, her father is a Southern Baptist minister, her sister Alyssa, and her nephew Dylan.

Hale describes her settings in vivid detail. In Knoxville, Tennessee and the Smoky Mountains she targets all the tourist attractions with complete accuracy. The easy going relationship between Liv and James is a pleasure compared to many romances where the central characters leap into a physical relationship immediately.

“Taming James” is a delightful story I enjoyed so much I read it in two hours. Realistic dialogue, a solid plot, and a satisfying conclusion make this a winner. I highly recommend it to any reader who appreciates a good romance and an easy read. Undoubtedly you will become a fan of Beth Hale’s too.

Book Blurb

James Wyley is a ladies’ man, always looking for the next good time. Liv Hughes has sworn off love, knowing firsthand how painful it can be.

Forced to work together, they forge a tentative friendship that erupts into a heated affair.

As their relationship grows, doubts and fears surface, causing tension that can’t be ignored. And when an explosive discovery rocks their world, James and Liv must make a decision.

Will they allow old wounds to tear them apart? Or fight for their one chance at true love?

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