“Moon Over Alcatraz” by Patricia Yager Delagrange


Patricia Yager Delagrange, Author

From the first chapter in Moon Over Alcatraz by Patricia Yager Delagrange it’s obvious this romance will take the reader on a roller coaster of emotions. What isn’t evident is the complexity of the story yet to come


Moon Over Alcatraz
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With the still birth of their first baby Brandy and Weston Chambers lives are forever changed. Following Brandy’s heart wrenching loss as she tries to rebuild her life and marriage, her husband Weston begins to feel abandoned and unloved. Unable to resume a normal intimate relationship, Brandy doesn’t want to reveal she is haunted by the memory of her lifeless infant every time West attempts to make love to her. When Weston’s employer needs him to go to New York to work on a special project, requiring him to leave Brandy in Alameda for several months, the couple decides to accept the offer. What seems like an opportunity for Brandy to recover turns into something very different.

As Brandy struggles to resume her writing career and her physical health, West calls her nightly. One night he calls Brandy and he is drunk. During the conversation she begins to suspect he may be cheating on her. It’s several days before he once again calls her late at night and apologizes before crying and disconnecting. Soon she puts a name to the woman she suspects West may be having an affair with; his secretary Carol Smith.

In spite of her concerns she continues to work toward getting over her fears of reigniting a sexual relationship with her husband. While stopping for a morning coffee she runs into an old high school friend, Edward Barnes, who is now a lawyer.

Here the story takes a dramatic turn and Brandy has a sexual encounter with Edward who confesses he had a crush on her in high school. What follows is a dramatic and contemporary romance with raw emotion and passionate sexual encounters.

Delagrange explores the intensely emotional experiences of people caught up in real life situations. The dialogue rings true, the situations believable in this dramatic and often painful book. With steamy and graphic sexual encounters there is enough excitement to balance what are tear jerking moments. For readers who enjoy a solid romance with passion, grief, and a successful resolution, I highly recommend this book for adult readers.


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