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On November 22, 1963 John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 35th President of the United States, was murdered in Dallas, Texas.  His accused assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, was never tried for the crime. He was murdered in the basement of the Dallas Police Department by Jack Ruby as he was being transported to the Dallas County Jail.

oswaald pics
Lee Harvey Oswald


Jack Ruby Shoots Oswald





Kennedy’s successor, President Lyndon B. Johnson, formed The President’s Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy, known unofficially as The Warren Commission. Headed by Chief Justice Earl Warren, the Commission concluded Oswald was the lone shooter. Their decision was based on less than a year of interviews and investigations and has been highly disputed by many during the ensuing fifty plus years.

Warren Commission & LBJ

by Cecil W. Stoughton – White House photo by Cecil Stoughton

“View From the Sixth Floor: An Oswald Tale” is a fictional story of a man who may know the truth about the assassination. Both a story of love and friendship it is also the story of individuals caught up in a conspiracy that threatens not just their freedom but also their lives. As they journey to Dallas, Texas fifty years after the event that changed history secrets are revealed that might upset the balance of power in the government and expose long buried truths.

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99 Cents on Amazon

In memory of that fateful day in Dallas, Texas the book will available for $.99 cents on Kindle beginning November 21, 2015 through November 23, 2015.

In addition, “Riddle” on Kindle by the same author is also available at $.99 November 20, 2015 through November 23, 2015.


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