“Jet: Abducted” by Lynda Filler

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Lynda Filler, Author

In this second book in the “Jet World” series things get personal for Jet when her baby daughter Hannah is kidnapped. While the trusted babysitter is shopping at the mall little Hannah is practically snatched from under her nose. At the same time a beautiful young woman, Allegra, recently crowned Miss Jalisco, is also kidnapped. The daughter of a well known Mexican judge, a huge ransom is demanded for her return. What is the connection between these two kidnappings?
As Luke and his team join together to help Jet rescue Hannah, the team is also drawn into the kidnapping of the lovely and popular Allegra. It soon becomes apparent that there is more to Allegra’s kidnapping than meets the eye. In fact there is more to Allegra than meets the eye and it is Raven’s old connections that call the team to action.
Set against the beautiful backdrop of Mexico’s coast the ruthless drug cartel that also engages in human trafficking prove a challenge for Jet, Raven and the team. Facing stormy seas the group works frantically to rescue both the captives alive.
I wish the characters had been developed a little more. The dialogue is sometimes almost trite. But for a quick read with adventure and action it’s a neat book.
Short and action filled this novella provides a quick and easy read. I plan to go back and read the first book in the series and would recommend readers to start with Book 1 “Jet Exposed” before diving into this one.

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3 thoughts on ““Jet: Abducted” by Lynda Filler

  1. Thanks Lizzi Newton! I loved writing both books. The comments I heard on both books were that the reader wanted them to go on longer. Novella is an interesting genre to work with; I agree the first book helps so much to understand the characters. I’m writing a third, and will take your constructive comments into consideration as I do so.

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