Why Stay? Why Leave? Why Abuse?

Originally posted on Between the Beats:
I have listened to the questions and read the responses to the domestic abuse questions; why do the abused stay and why do they finally leave. While I admit it started me remembering my personal experiences it also got me thinking about why I was being abused. Once again, as I had many years ago, I questioned whether I… Continue reading Why Stay? Why Leave? Why Abuse?

“Song of Simon” by C.A. Sanders

I was attracted to this book by two things; the stringed musical instrument on the cover and the fact that the main character, Simon, comes from suburban New York. Coming from New York myself I was curious to learn about Simon’s adventures.  Simon doesn’t spend a lot of time in New York; very quickly he is whisked away to a fantasy world. What a fantasy … Continue reading “Song of Simon” by C.A. Sanders