Why Stay? Why Leave? Why Abuse?

October is National Domestic Violence Month. I am a survivor/thriver. Although I wrote this blog a year ago it is still timely. Women are still being abused. In addition men are being abused and Intimate Partner Violence is becoming more apparent in the LGBTQ communities. Raising awareness, joining our voices to proclaim “No More” is one way we can stem the tide. Look around you. Someone you know needs help. Be the listening ear that may give her or him the opportunity to speak out.

Between the Beats


I have listened to the questions and read the responses to the domestic abuse questions; why do the abused stay and why do they finally leave. While I admit it started me remembering my personal experiences it also got me thinking about why I was being abused. Once again, as I had many years ago, I questioned whether I had done something to deserve the mental, emotional, and physical abuse I suffered at the hands of a man who claimed to love me.

End Domestic Violence_LQF

Following the long thread back to the first time I had been shoved over a coffee table I realized I could not recall what had precipitated the action. I knew where it was, I could describe the living room in my mother’s apartment, but I could not remember the conversation leading up to the push that sent me flying over the table leaving it in pieces and…

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