History of Domestic Violence Awareness Month

I am a domestic violence survivor and thriver. I lived in an abusive marriage for ten years. During that time I had three children and one miscarriage. I was daily insulted, debased, physically and mentally abused, emotionally torn, and debilitated to the point of contemplating suicide rather than continue. That was over thirty years ago. I have since remarried, earned college degrees, worked in social services, volunteered with domestic violence support groups, and thrived.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. One in four women will experience some form of DV in their lives. Look around at work, at church or temple, at school, in the mall; one in four of the women you see has been abused. Maybe that person is you or someone close to you.

Domestic violence is not a private family matter. It is a community concern. It effects employers, co-workers, police departments, courts, medical personnel, schools, children, churches, temples, and neighbors.
Teen Dating Violence
Is Domestic Abuse Terrorism?
Teen Dating Violence
Teen Dating Violence: Is Your Child a Victim?

Source: History of Domestic Violence Awareness Month

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