“Millie and Cupcake” by Mildred Potash

Millie and CupcakeMillie and Cupcake by Mildred Potash
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Millie and Cupcake” is a delightful children’s book that teaches children and their parents the value of caring for a pet. Millie wants a puppy but her parents feel she is too young to have one. On moving to New York fate takes a hand and Millie’s dream comes true. Hearing a noise in her closet she discovers a black and white rat. She names her Cupcake and the adventure begins. Opting to keep it a secret from her parents, Millie cares for Cupcake herself. It is only when she introduces Cupcake to her class for show and tell that the truth comes out. This is a wonderful little book about responsibility and love. My 5-year old granddaughter inherited a bearded dragon from her adult cousin and loves him as much as her dog Scout. Children are not restricted by adult preconceptions and the adorable Millie is a perfect example of how children are often more accepting than their parents.

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