“A Trick of Fate (The Renaissance Sojourner Series Book 0”) by Kristin Gleeson

A Trick of Fate (The Renaissance Sojourner Series Book 0)A Trick of Fate by Kristin Gleeson
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With a combination of language and settings Kristin Gleeson transports the reader back to the 15th century in her beautifully written “A Trick of Fate.” Alys is a young girl left alone when her brother Hal goes to sea and her mother dies. Through an accidental run-in with a noblewoman, her life is changed dramatically. Alys goes from struggling to survive on the charity of neighbors to living as a servant in the palace of a local Duke and his wife, the Duchess. At first this seems like a blessing but as this short story progresses it becomes apparent that even when things seem fortunate, there may be unexpected dangers. When the Duchess takes young Alys into her service things seem to be looking up for the girl. However this apparent stroke of good luck has a dark and potentially dangerous side.
Historically vibrant, Gleeson’s feel for the language of the time is excellent. It’s easy to visualize Alys as she develops from a young ragamuffin to a Lady’s Maid in a noblewoman’s court. While this is a very short introduction to the series, it sets the tone for books to come and leaves the reader eager for more. I look forward to Alys’ further adventures with her new and strange friend Barbabas and the cast of characters in this delightful novella.

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