Book Release – “The Railroad” by Neil Newton

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On June 1, 2002 I married my soul mate. We met under rather unusual circumstances. I was a former New Yorker living in the South and he was a New Yorker living in New York. We are both writers and he had started an online writing critique group. Over time we learned his father had been the Chair of the Economics Department of the university I attended in Brooklyn, NY. It’s a small private university so that was pretty amazing. His mother and I shared the same first name. He graduated from the Long Island branch of the university I attended. He was born and raised in Queens and was living in Manhattan. I was born and raised in Manhattan and had lived in Queens just before I left NY.
The very fact that we “met” online was somewhat remarkable. The fact that when we finally met face to face (about eighteen months after the first tentative communications) we instantly fell in love was still more amazing. The idea that a confirmed New York bachelor would pack up his life and move over 700 miles to marry a divorced mother of four is beyond belief.
Here we are thirteen years later. He has published a book and is working on his next one. I have published a book, have one in the wings waiting release this month, and am working on a third. What better way to celebrate our anniversary, the miracle of our lives together, and the art that brought us together than by re-launching his book.
This evening “The Railroad” will celebrate the re-release on Facebook. We have invited all our fellow authors, readers, friends, and family to join us. I had the privilege of re-editing “The Railroad”. I was also blessed to re-read it as I did. An integral part of this work of fiction is actually based on Neil’s experience in the subway in New York on 9/11/2001 as the World Trade Center’s twin towers collapsed above ground. Reading it I realize once again how very fortunate we are. A little over a month later Neil moved to Tennessee to join our family. It was already planned. In the book, Mike Dobbs also experiences the nightmare of being stuck underground as terror strikes above. Mike’s life is also impacted by the event. In capturing and sharing that day with readers, Neil has set the stage for an intriguing novel. For me, this is a frightening memory of a day I could have lost him.
I hope you will join us as “The Railroad” is re-released. There will be giveaways and some other authors, me included, will talk about their books as well. Come on over to Facebook, meet Neil, and learn about “The Railroad”, a mystery/thriller/romance.

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