The Half-Shape Child by Megan Fatheree

The Half Shape ChildThe Half Shape Child by Megan Fatheree
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Every once in a while I come across a book that surprises me by its originality. “The Half-Shape Child” by Megan Fatheree is one of those books. It is a science fiction/fantasy tale for Young Adults that is just as exciting and engrossing for an adult audience.
The story follows two children, Collin Foster and Terra Fallon, who are “half shape children”. Half Shape children or “Specials” are given a necklace when they are born that holds a charm which is actually a type of tracker. This tracker is unique to each pair of children and it enables them to locate their soul mate as they mature. When the children reach the age of thirteen, their half of the charm grows freezing cold. While this sounds wonderfully romantic there are forces that endeavor to keep this pair apart.
Terra is taken from her mother and father when she is just a baby. Imprisoned by the Offensive led by Madame Kowalsky, she is forced to perform deeds against her will. Kowalsky is always accompanied by guards when she approaches her prisoner Terra. It is apparent Terra possesses some power that threatens her captors.
On the other hand Collin had been rescued by Captain John McAllen when he was young. Raised by a cyborg, Mala, he is educated and prepared to be a rescuer.
While their lives are totally different, they are destined to be together. However they must battle the Offensive to succeed.
As they face their individual struggles various characters pass through their lives. It is only their strength and determination that may help them in the end. The story is richly imaginative, with worlds and characters that are fascinating but believable. Following Collin and Terra on their journeys it is impossible not to be drawn deeply into their stories. Battling the ever present Offensive, who consider them a menace to the universe, they fight for their lives and their futures. Their intelligence coupled with their strength carry them through battles.
While Terra begins by trying to kill Collin, over time she begins to enjoy the pursuit. His rejection only motivates her to try harder. What is drawing them together and why does the Offensive want them dead?
This is definitely a book for those who enjoy science fiction. It has all the fundamental requirements of good science fiction; alien world’s and characters, a unique plot, and the battle between good and evil. I highly recommend it for both young adults as well as mature readers.

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