“Danger Close” by Charlie Flowers

Danger Close (Riz #2)Danger Close by Charlie Flowers
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Action packed thriller is an understatement when describing “Danger Close” by Charlie Flowers. As a follow up to Flowers “Hard Kill” it picks up with Rizwan Sabir desperately searching for his fiancée Holly (Bang Bang) Kirpachi. But the book also reads well as a stand alone adventure. Sabir is dropped into foreign territory in order to infiltrate an American prison in Afghanistan on the hunt for Bang Bang. The action starts there and doesn’t stop throughout the story.
Flowers has a knack for setting up military operations making the reader feel as though he is in the midst of battle. With incredible insight into the activities of terrorists and the British military he creates a story that is in line with current events. Woven throughout the battles and fighting the relationship between Riz and Bang Bang continues to evolve.
The Black Eye Girls return and this time they are working closely with MOD’s secret group giving them access to better weapons and information. They accomplish amazing acts of bravery all the while maintaining their humorous interchanges. The losses and deaths are heart breaking as the softer side of some of these girls is brought to the forefront by the tragedies they encounter.
From England to Afghanistan, from Paris and back to England Riz and Bang Bang form a dynamic duo British style. It’s a no hold barred examination of how terrorism affects us all and even the most innocent become victims of the madness. This is a book for those who appreciate a good spy story with more bombs and blow ups than any James Bond film could contain. I’m definitely hooked and ready for the next adventure of Riz, Bang Bang, and the Black Eye Girls.

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