“The Assassin Who Couldn’t Dance” by Glen Barrera

The Assassin Who Couldn't DanceThe Assassin Who Couldn’t Dance by Glen Barrera
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In “The Assassin Who Couldn’t Dance” Glen Barrera has created a cast of characters so real you can imagine them living next door. While “Hector Munoz”, with skills developed over time, is far from the next door neighbor type his character is so skillfully created that it would not be surprising to meet him at the mall. Hector’s goal is to retrieve the keys and codes to safe deposit boxes in the U.S. that contain not only millions of dollars in cash and diamonds but also documents that would reveal corruption within the U.S. military. For Hector this is not just a journey of vengeance to find and kill those responsible for the murders of his father and brother, but also a journey to find himself. Hector’s transformation from a killing machine to a man who discovers he can still love and care for others is beautifully handled. While the ex-recon Force that holds the keys and codes have followed the “rules” that came with their windfall sixteen years earlier they are still discovered and must defend themselves against mercenaries hired by corrupt officials to get the documents and the wealth sparing no lives in the process. This is an action packed well thought out battle between good and evil with Hector as the mysterious piece who can sway the entire project either way. As a young man who has survived without a family for years he is suddenly drawn into relationships he does not fully understand and experiences emotions he does not know how to handle. His growing attraction to Lucy, a young girl who has also experienced pain and uncertainty, and her obvious feelings for him are the linchpin that finally brings the story to an exciting conclusion. This is a book that will make you laugh and cry and restore your faith in the power of love.

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