The Threshold – Anita Kovacevic

The ThresholdThe Threshold by Anita Kovacevic
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Anita Kovacevic has packed a lot of punch in a little story. Some people are writers; a select few are “wordsmiths”. Kovacevic falls into the latter group. “The Threshold” is not a long book with thousands of overwhelming pages. It’s a compact and frightening tale of greed taken to its pinnacle. From the subtle pride of old Mrs. Poole to the massive ego of Ken Scott, Kovacevic shows how people never seem to see their own flaws however glaring. When five people win the opportunity to enter a mysterious mansion, retrieve an unspecified “treasure”, then exit and turn said item over to Ken Scott the tension picks up dramatically. Without giving anything anyway, I will say when people get a good look at themselves they are often horrified by what they see. This is a tightly woven cautionary tale. Be careful what you wish for. You may not like what you get.

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