Valentine’s Day

What’s Love Got to Do With It?

Between the Beats

valentines Day


Every February 14th florists go crazy filling orders for flowers to be delivered locally, nationally, or even internationally. Some flowers are picked up to be delivered personally by eager boyfriends, hopeful husbands, or expectant lovers. Jewelry commercials start before the middle of January with diamond hearts, ruby hearts, gold hearts, silver hearts, and variations of hearts. Some people wait for that ring that signifies the commitment of a lifetime of love. School children bring colorful cartoon Valentine’s Day cards to school for classmates and teachers. But does anyone really know what the day is about and how it started?


On February 14th somewhere around the year 278 A.D. when Claudius II was the Emperor of Rome a little known priest named Valentin took exception to one of the ruler’s laws. Claudius was having a hell of a time getting soldiers to join his military. It seems they…

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