Wolf Born – Natalie Gosney

Wolf BornWolf Born by N. Gosney
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

With her novel, “Wolf Born”, Natalie Gosney has put a new spin on werewolves. Instead of the lone werewolf of the past, Gosney has wolves forming packs and working together. When a local werewolf, Seth, decides to form his own pack Carly is unexpectedly caught up in the ensuing adventures. It is Seth’s brother Kyle who takes on the training of Carly, introducing her to the ways of werewolves and the pack. Tragedy strikes almost immediately and as one fatality follows another Carly is caught up in a drama she struggles to understand. Soon Carly learns the enemies of the werewolves are not only hunters but skinwalkers, and other packs as well. While trying to understand the world she has been drawn into Carly develops romantic feelings for Kyle. However as leader of the pack Seth has the right to claim her. One by one secrets are revealed and things are not at all what they seem. With shocking twists and turns the story reaches an unexpected climax. There are a few editing issues but they in no way affect the reading of the story. All in all, a howling good read!

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