Exclusive Interview With Olivia Roberts

Exclusive Interview with Olivia Roberts:
Olivia Roberts, the retired school-teacher from outside Asheville, North Carolina, has granted us an exclusive interview regarding her abduction. Shortly after a visit to the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas, Texas her neighbor and long time family friend Bill Horton confessed to the startled widow that he is Lee Harvey Oswald, accused assassin of President John Kennedy. Oswald was supposedly shot by Jack Ruby in the basement of the Dallas Police Station on November 24, 1963 and subsequently died from his injuries.

Mrs. Roberts states Mr. Horton/Oswald did not die of his wounds but was hustled from Parkland Hospital and moved to Mexico where he recovered from the gun shot. He then went on the run settling in North Carolina fifteen years ago where he became friends with Mrs. Roberts and her late husband George. The widow states she had no idea of his real identity until the revelation in Dallas.
Roberts states she is completely convinced Horton is in fact Lee Harvey Oswald and believes his story that he did not assassinate Kennedy but was in fact a “patsy”. She also states he has evidence to prove his claims of an extensive government conspiracy and expects he will reveal this publicly “soon”. At this time she is no longer in contact with the mystery man.
Government officials claim Horton is in fact an escaped mental patient who has long believed he is Lee Harvey Oswald. He is currently being hunted by local and federal law enforcement in an effort to return him to the facility where he can resume treatment. Asked if he is a danger officials state he may be armed and should be considered dangerous since the extent of his delusion is cannot be determined without further professional evaluation.
Conspiracy theorists have grown in number since the assassination of Kennedy on November 22, 1963 and are currently setting up call centers where sightings can be reported so they can assist the fugitive in his escape.

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