Slasher by WD Jackson


A serial killer in Los Angeles is targeting a very specific group of victims- actresses who have survived in “slasher” films. As the killings escalate in damage and more women die detectives scramble to catch the madman and protect potential victims. Meanwhile “slasher” film production company Hitlist where all the women filmed continues work on its biggest production ever. Using the publicity garnered from the murders producers and company execs hope to catapult the film and the studio to new heights.
While the list of possible suspects grows detective Joshua Matthews struggles to untangle the web of clues, and there are very few of those. Matthews also deals with demons from his own past making his investigation more complicated. Faced with the after effects of the horrific attacks he has to contain his emotions and focus on the task at hand.
With great insight into the Hollywood film industry WD Jackson brings his story to life. His cast of characters is vibrant and the story is well crafted and believable. With more twists and turns than a studio backlot the book holds the reader’s attention until the shocking finale.
“Slasher” has all the ingredients necessary for a film and could easily become the next Hollywood hit.

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