Soho Slasher-Jack is Back by McCray & Hopkin

Soho Slasher: Jack Is Back: A Harbinger Crossover Novel to International Hunters, Inc.Soho Slasher: Jack Is Back: A Harbinger Crossover Novel to International Hunters, Inc. by Carolyn McCray
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Soho Slasher- Jack is Back by: Carolyn McCray and Ben Hopkin
As an amateur Ripperologist and a fan of the Harbinger series I was thrilled to see this new offering by Carolyn McCray and Ben Hopkin. Kent Harbinger is a world renowned profiler who has been responsible for catching numerous serial killers. While on his honeymoon in London he joins with Kyra Karela head of International Hunters, Inc and New Scotland Yard to solve copycat Jack the Ripper crimes. Determined that the solution lies with solving the original Ripper murders from 1888 and discovering the true identity of the infamous Jack the Ripper, Harbinger sets out to solve the crimes by 11:00 PM. As his new bride, Nicole, explores London Harbinger goes about investigating connections between the past and present. Combining history with fiction McCray and Hopkin weave a tale that will keep the reader up all night in order to learn the conclusion. As Kent and Kyra face challenges and roadblocks Nicole enjoys the sights and sounds of London. Even as the story moves forward the reader is drawn back to the horrors of Victorian England and the gruesome murders of prostitutes on the streets of Whitechapel. Filled with suspense and terror the story builds to a surprising and unique conclusion as Kent, Kyra, and even Nicole face the realization that things are not always what they seem to be. Be prepared for a sleepless night when you read this crossover novel.

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