Weather Changes Affects Children’s Behavior

This is an insightful observation that is well worth investigating thoroughly.

Parent Rap

Stormy weather coincides with crankiness and arguments.

When my girls were school-age the topic of weather and our children’s behavior came up in my Parents Anonymous group. The facilitator said, “Any time there is a weather change you can expect the kids’ behavior to change.” Several teachers and daycare professionals agree.

Weather to behavior— what can you expect? When it is raining or stormy (also cloudy or no sunshine) you may see more arguments, picking at each other, crankiness, fighting, yelling, ill-tempered, noisy and chaotic or acting up and acting out behaviors that are impulse-control related. Teachers and childcare professionals say the kids are louder than normal and there is a sense of depression to accompany the dark, dreary weather. Electricity in the air or thunder magnifies any of these behaviors. Wind produces very energetic behavior— it’s not that the children are “bad,” it is just the increase in activity…

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