President Obama Signs Executive Order to Increase Minimum Wage

How will this affect the availability of jobs? Will this improve the lives of those currently living in poverty making $7.25 hourly? How will this affect those who receive Food Stamps/SNAP benefits? GOOD BLACK NEWS An Obama administration official confirmed that President Barack Obama will sign an executive order today to set the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour for workers under federal contract.  Low-wage workers who … Continue reading President Obama Signs Executive Order to Increase Minimum Wage


    Shaun White didn’t medal. That’s right, like Samson who lost his strength after Delilah cut his hair; a short haired Shaun White did not have a three-peat Olympic Gold Medal at the Sochi Olympics. The winner of the gold is a young Russian born snow boarder representing Switzerland. Iouri Podladchikov was amazing. Of course Shaun White was disappointed and I-Pod (Iouri)) was ecstatic. … Continue reading Sportsmanship

Teen Dating Violence-Is Your Child a Victim?

  First let’s get something straight. Both guys and girls can be abused by a dating partner. This is sometimes hard for a parent to believe but it does happen. Do you suspect your child is being intimidated, coerced, or abused by a dating partner? If you know your child pretty well chances are something is going on. Some of the warning signs that your … Continue reading Teen Dating Violence-Is Your Child a Victim?


  Income and the Homeless According to the National Coalition for the Homeless there are several reasons so many Americans struggle with homelessness. A severe lack of affordable housing and a limited number of housing programs certainly contribute to the situation. The housing wage, the amount a renter must make in order to afford a modest home as calculated by the National Low Income Coalition, … Continue reading Homelessness

Shattered Lives Radio: Melissa Seigel Discusses Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

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Listen to Shattered Lives Radio LIVE! Everyone deserves a healthy relationship. Unfortunately many teens don’t know what that looks like and fall prey to violence because it may be all they know, or don’t know, about. February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month and brings programs and presentations to teens across the country with the hope that educating them about what to… Continue reading Shattered Lives Radio: Melissa Seigel Discusses Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

Racism, 911, and Miss America

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Neil Newton: Blogger and author of the novel “The Railroad” on Two things happened recently to make me review my views on racism. The first was a post by a muslim friend who lamented the attacks on all Muslims shortly after the anniversary of 911. The second was the crowning of Nina Davuluri as this year’s Miss America and… Continue reading Racism, 911, and Miss America

Children and Poverty

                                                   Children and Poverty With the recent cuts to SNAP/Food Stamp benefits I decided to take a look at how children are affected by this decrease. How poor are America’s youngest and most vulnerable citizens? According to an article published by the Children’s Defense Fund 16.1 million children in America are poor, … Continue reading Children and Poverty