Waiting by Elizabeth Horton-Newton

  Vermillion lips pursed in concentration while scarlet nails drummed on the pitted surface of the old table. Heavily shadowed eyes lined with black as dark as the night outside Stared blank and unseeing at the scarred wood. Occasionally the sapphire orbs would shift to the soundless clock on the wall, watching the second hand jump from line to line. Counting off the endless seconds … Continue reading Waiting by Elizabeth Horton-Newton

Insignificance-Elizabeth Horton-Newton

Insignificance Elizabeth Horton-Newton   “The air was crisp with the hint of autumn dancing at the edges of the night. There was the promise of golden red leaves and ripe apples on the breeze that lifted his hair and blew it back from his forehead. His hand grasped my elbow, his voice a deep timber that flowed with the mood of the evening, seductive and … Continue reading Insignificance-Elizabeth Horton-Newton

Confessions of a Procrastinator

                I am a procrastinator. I think about things I have to do. Sometimes I make lists of things that need to be accomplished. I examine the list carefully, making certain I have covered everything. I prioritize my list. I have a cup of coffee before I get started. I check my e-mail. Neither of those things was on my list. As I get up … Continue reading Confessions of a Procrastinator