“Last Orders: The Freeman Files Series” – By Ted Tayler”

In the second book of The Freeman Files Series, Last Orders by Ted Tayler, retired detective Gus Freeman, and his Crime Review Team investigate the murder of barmaid Trudi Villiers. They begin fifteen years after the girl’s body was found with her cell phone, skirt, underwear, and high heel shoes missing. Raped and murdered on her way home after midnight from her job at a local … Continue reading “Last Orders: The Freeman Files Series” – By Ted Tayler”

“Dead Cold” by Claire Stibbe

I was excited to see author Claire Stibbe had added a new crime thriller with Detectives Temeke and Malin Santiago to her impressive series. The title, Dead Cold, and the cover of the book assured me this would be another gripping story. Stibbe is skilled at making the reader feel like he is right there, at the scene of the crime, in the office as … Continue reading “Dead Cold” by Claire Stibbe