“A New Summer Garden: An Electric Eclectic Book” by Paul White

  Once again author Paul White has tantalized me with a sultry thriller laid out so craftily I didn’t see the turns coming. His latest Electric Eclectic Novelette, A New Summer Garden, delves into the twisted minds of his characters, exposing the dark underbelly of greed and deception hidden by beauty and wealth. In the beginning, we meet Sam, a seemingly not very bright laborer, … Continue reading “A New Summer Garden: An Electric Eclectic Book” by Paul White

“Maze Master” by Kathleen O’Neal Gear

 Maze Master by Kathleen O’Neal Gear fulfills my requirements for a great read. Brilliantly linking the past with a possible future, she lays the groundwork for a thrilling and terrifying apocalyptic journey. At first, I was slightly daunted by the scientific and mathematical references in the story. But, Gear skillfully provides plenty of clarification for even the most intimidated reader. Gradually linking what at first … Continue reading “Maze Master” by Kathleen O’Neal Gear

“Xaghra’s Revenge” by Geoff Nelder

It takes a high degree of skill to write a book that takes an event in history and blends it with a compelling fiction. Geoff Nelder accomplishes this in his historical fiction, Xaghra’s Revenge. To add to the captivating plot, Nelder has injected an unlikely romance between two delightful characters and a tragic love from the past; a love that might dramatically change the face … Continue reading “Xaghra’s Revenge” by Geoff Nelder

Free Kindle Contemporary Romance (18+)

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to relax by the pool or on the beach with a book. For me, the best summer books are romances; romantic thrillers, historical romances, contemporary romances, even erotic romances. I suspect I’m not the only person who feels this way. Think about all the songs and movies dedicated to summer love. To celebrate summer … Continue reading Free Kindle Contemporary Romance (18+)

ARC Review of “A Handful of Fire” by Alexis Alvarez

As a fan of the earlier books by Alexis Alvarez I was prepared for a steamy love story. I was not prepared for the touching tale of Shai, Gabriel, and his son Michael in A Handful of Fire. Make no mistake; the story carries all of the heat and passion you’d expect from Alvarez. It also reveals the pain and passion of lives touched by … Continue reading ARC Review of “A Handful of Fire” by Alexis Alvarez

“The Fireman: A Novel” By Joe Hill

    In a post apocalyptic world where a plague unlike anything we’ve ever imagined spreads like wildfire, Joe Hill has a created a unique hero in The Fireman. As Hill develops a society that splits into diverse factions and collapses piecemeal, some figures step forward as leaders, good and bad. However, as is often true in real life, it is not the popular leader … Continue reading “The Fireman: A Novel” By Joe Hill

“Planet Purgatory” by Benedict Martin A 5-Star Read!

Planet Purgatory by Benedict Martin My rating: 5 of 5 stars “Planet Purgatory” by Benedict Martin is filled with colorful characters that leap off the page even when you wish they wouldn’t. Chief protagonist David Eno is a character I alternately hated and loved. Sometimes I found him so frustrating I wanted to scream at him. At other times I wanted to put my arms … Continue reading “Planet Purgatory” by Benedict Martin A 5-Star Read!

Another 5-Star Review for “View From the Sixth Floor”!

It’s like watching a five star movie By Molly Gambiza on April 25, 2015 Format: Kindle Edition View From the Sixth Floor is a great story, every word is carefully written. I felt as if I was watching a good movie, a movie I wouldn’t mind watching over and over again. I like the way Elizabeth Newton selected her characters, they are not too many, … Continue reading Another 5-Star Review for “View From the Sixth Floor”!