“Inner Giant” A Book About Bullying by Frank Letras

Inner Giant by Frank Letras My rating: 5 of 5 stars I was looking for a book about bullying for my granddaughter when I came upon “Inner Giant” by Frank Letras. Bullying has become so prevalent in our society and has touched so many lives that I wanted to prepare her for the possibility it could happen to her. This is actually a collection of … Continue reading “Inner Giant” A Book About Bullying by Frank Letras

Another School Shooting

Once again our country has been rocked by a school shooting that took the lives of youth and left us with the question, why? What motivates a young person to become so disillusioned with life they resort to killing fellow students or teachers to alleviate their pain? What do they hope to gain by snuffing out the lives of others and often losing their own … Continue reading Another School Shooting

“Torn From the Inside Out” Sara Niles

Torn From the Inside Out by Sara Niles My rating: 5 of 5 stars In “Torn From the Inside Out” Sara Niles takes the reader through the escalating cycles of abuse. Watching her grow from a lively and curious child to a tortured and demoralized wife and mother is a compelling if painful journey. This is not a book for the squeamish but it is … Continue reading “Torn From the Inside Out” Sara Niles

Mobbing or Workplace Bullying

                Mobbing, or group bullying in the work place, is both contagious and insidious. People who would never be viewed or view themselves as “bullies” are drawn into the fray. These formerly “innocent bystanders” can turn from seeing the aggressor as “bad” to viewing the behavior/actions of the abused as “bad”. How do they reach that point and what can be done to prevent mobbing? … Continue reading Mobbing or Workplace Bullying

Workplace Bullying

                Bullying has become a major issue recently causing a raised awareness of the frequency of this behavior. Schools have responded to what appears to be an increase in bullying by implementing punitive responses to bullying. What is often overlooked is bullying among adults, especially in the workplace. While it seems inconceivable to many that an adult would be guilty of bullying another adult it … Continue reading Workplace Bullying