A Cove Creek Christmas: Love at the Lighthouse (Smoky Mountain Magic of Christmas Book 1) by Cyn Taylor


cove creek
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I was attracted to “A Cove Creek Christmas”  by Cyn Taylor because I live in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee, and I love lighthouses. I was not disappointed. This romance has just enough mystery to spark my imagination, and the characters remind me of people I know.


The central character, Chloe Coleman, has experienced terrible tragedies in her life. These caused her to leave her home in Cove Creek and move to another town to escape the painful memories. When the death of a beloved family member occurs, Chloe is drawn back to the city and forced to face the past.

Despite turning her back on her hometown and family, Chloe maintained a relationship with her Aunt Mae. She even visited her aunt over the years on the condition the visits were kept confidential. Chloe was not prepared to deal with nosy townspeople or the disapproving comments of her aunt and cousins. When Mae dies, she leaves Chloe something in her will that causes the young woman to take a second look at her life.

Chloe’s ex-boyfriend Nathan Sharp had left Chloe with no explanation breaking her heart. But he is also back in Cove Creek due to Aunt Mae’s machinations. Although Chloe does her best to avoid Nathan, the bequest draws them together in a surprising way.

The mystery of her father’s disappearance hangs over Chloe as well. The author peels back the layers of the past bit by bit, engaging the reader and driving the desire to learn what secrets are being kept. Abandoned by those she loved deeply, Chloe must face her past and resolve her disappointment and anger.

Taylor handles Chloe’s discomfort and pain skillfully. At times I wanted to shake Chloe and tell her to open her eyes and her heart. Most of the time, I felt sorry for her. This story shows how vital communication and honesty are in relationships. It also shows how jealousy, secrets, and lies can damage families.

The Cove Creek lighthouse plays an integral part in the tale. It was the place Chloe and Nathan went when they wanted time alone. It is the catalyst in Aunt Mae’s plan to reunite the couple, and it holds a secret that will reveal a long-hidden truth.

If you like an easy reading love story with some mystery, this is the book for you. Taylor explores the dynamics of family relationships and the fragility of the young heart. I’m eager to read more of Cyn Taylor’s books in this series.

cyn taylorMulti-published, multi-genre author Cyn Taylor writes Southern Contemporary Romantic Suspense based in the Smoky Mountains and Appalachian area. Her books include strong characters that must come to grips with a twist of fate and faith that takes their lives in an entirely different direction than they had charted out for their future.

Email Taylor at cyntaylor2016@gmail.com with questions or for more information.

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