Happy 2nd Anniversary Electric Eclectic

EE founderTwo years ago, I was approached by fellow writer Paul White with a proposition. He had an idea. He wanted to bring quality books to readers. Recognizing that readers often had limited time to read, he proposed writing and publishing novelettes, short books that cost less than a full-sized novel and offered a good story that could be read while commuting to work or school, while waiting for appointments, or at bedtime. A brilliant idea and a good plan I was quick to jump on.

Over the following two years, I watched as the idea grew into a multi-genre project. Books from an international array of authors added to the catalog. I myself have eight Electric Eclectic novelettes.

ee liz books
My EE Books

I have read over twenty-five of the books by a variety of authors. (See my reviews on this blog.)

EE Books reviewed
Electric Eclectic Books

Electric Eclectic has a website and a Facebook page giving readers the opportunity to communicate with authors. They went on to utilize other social media, notably Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, to introduce readers and potential authors to the advantages of Electric Eclectic.

Electric Eclectic Books      Electric Press Magazine

Electric Press YouTube       Electric Eclectic Facebook

            Ever expanding, Electric Eclectic is now offering paperbacks. Readers who have enjoyed the novelettes of EE authors have the opportunity of reading the short books in a “pocketbook” version; small-sized paperbacks that will fit into purses, backpacks, or briefcases, convenient for trips when carrying a lager book is impractical. Next EE will offer longer works by their favorites. Readers who have discovered their new ‘favorite authors’ will be able to read full-length novels by them. (Dragonfly Books also has some of my EE books in paperback.)

Look into what this phenomenal brand has to offer. Both authors and readers are bound to find it a resource for reading entertainment as well as a venue to access information and even online shopping through their Amazon store.

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