“Kept by the Zandian (Zandian Brides)” By Renee Rose and Rebel West”

Kept by the Zandian
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When Taina escapes from the Ocretions by stowing away on a Zandian ship her adventures are only beginning. Kept by the Zandian by Renee Rose and Rebel West starts off with action and never loses steam. In fact, this book gets steamier as the pages turn. This is the second Zandian romantic science fiction adventure I’ve read, and I already have two more lined up on my Kindle.

          Rose and West have created a world and characters that are vibrant. These books are no holds barred romances with the thrills of political intrigue, alien wars, and plenty of spice.

Taina, a dark-skinned beauty, was a slave to the Ocretions. She lives in a barracks with other women, including Leylah, an older woman who makes toxins from the fruit of wall-eck trees and the venom of serpents. When Leyla tells Taina she must escape the planet and request asylum with the Zandians, the old woman sets a series of things in motion.

When Taina is discovered hiding on the Zandian ship by Drayk she is terrified and accidentally stabs him with a syringe. Suspicious of this strange little human who has hidden on his ship and seemingly attacked him with poison, he is uncertain about taking her to Zandia.

In spite of his lack of trust and her fear, the couple are attracted to one another. That attraction is intense and highly sexual. But Drayk must follow Zandian rules and unless he is willing to take the luscious human as his mate, he can’t make love to her. Although he knows about humans, he is unaccustomed to their habits. The one thing he believes strongly is that humans lie, making it impossible for him to trust Taina.

The sex in this book is hot and sensual. If you like heat in your romances, you will love this erotic story. I was rooting for Taina to break through Drayk’s crusty exterior throughout. Every little crack in his armor made me cheer.

If there’s a Zandian out there, I hope he finds me! I’d be happy to rub his horns!

Rebel West      Renee Rose

Author Rebel West                           Author Renee Rose

Rebel West                                         Renee Rose












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