“The Haunting: An Electric Eclectic Book” By Karen J.Mossman

The Haunting
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While looking for a quick bedtime read about a haunting, I came across “The Haunting: An Electric Eclectic Book” by one of my favorite authors, Karen J. Mossman. It was irresistible.


Cassidy Newbold is psychic. As she puts it on the first page of the story, dead people speak to her. When a “huge” motorbike racing sexy guy approaches her in a local café she is drawn into a ghostly adventure. Attracted to the ‘greatest GP motor biker in England’ according to Cassidy’s brother Seb, she listens to his bizarre request. Damien Mathers’ brother Daniel and his wife Rachel have bought a home and spent a considerable amount of money working on it. Now, Rachel has developed negative feelings about the house and refuses to move in believing it is haunted.

Eventually, Cassidy is persuaded to visit the house with the hope she can discover what’s going on and possibly ease Rachel’s mind. What Cassidy encounters at the house is terrifying and even this experienced ghost hunter is challenged by the spectral inhabitants of the cottage.

Amidst of all the supernatural goings-on Damien and Cassidy have a quickie love affair. There’s plenty of passion, but it is not too graphic. Damien and Cassidy are best described as a fun couple and their lovemaking is sexy but playful.

There are a few things about the story that bothered me. First, Cassidy falls into bed with the aggressive Damien rather quickly. I can excuse this with a couple of reasons. Cassidy is psychic so she probably got good vibes about the stud muffin. Also, this is a novelette and there isn’t a lot of time to develop a long drawn out romance.

Mossman frequently refers to the ghosts as ‘ghouls. Ghouls and ghosts are two very different beings. Having grown up on ‘Tales from the Crypt’ and magazines of that ilk, I learned that ghouls are known as “legendary evil being(s) that rob graves and feed on corpses”. I checked Merriam-Webster just to be sure.

Both reasons are nitpicky and neither detracts from a good ghost story with a bit of saucy romance tossed in to keep things spicy. It’s well-written and Mossman displays a real skill for developing her characters.

If you like a good haunting with some scary bits and a dash of sexy encounters, perfect for a quick read before bedtime or as you wait for an appointment or ride the bus to work, this is the book for you.


When a man-mountain of a guy walks into a café and asks for you by name, you sit up and take notice. Cassie is instantly attracted to Damien Mathers, who is also a World Super Bike Champion. He wants her help to banish a ghost. However, Cassie explains she is a clairvoyant, not an exorcist. Damien though, is very persuasive!

The Haunting takes Cassie on a journey she won’t forget. A ghost who leaves her un-nerved and scared – not because of it, but what it unleases within her.

Damien doesn’t believe in the paranormal, until he witness something he can’t explain. He also falling in love, but how can he love her dark side?

Can Cassie hold on to Damien?  Can she banish the ghosts and save her relationship?”

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