The Trusted (The Trusted Thriller Series Book 1) By Michelle Medhat

The Trusted
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I was drawn to this book by both the cover and the first line of the blurb. He’s a husband, a killer, and the only man who can save the world…” I’d read earlier short stories by author Michelle Medhat and liked her writing style. “The Trusted” is unlike anything else I’d read by Medhat. A brilliant combination of terrorism, spies, and the supernatural, the story takes off and pulls the reader along, hungry for more.


Dr. Sam Noor is a British agent working with MI6, he leads something of a double life. Sam’s wife Ellie has no idea her husband is a trained spy and killer; she believes he works for the Foreign Office. Ellie Noor is an accomplished businesswoman, intelligent and focused. Together they are an indomitable force. But, due to their intense work requirements, they didn’t have as much time together as they both wanted. Each is dedicated to their jobs.

The other couple is the extremely attractive Dr. Salim Al Douri and Dr. Sabena Sanantoni. Al Douri is the leader of a terrorist organization, Al-Nadir, bent on world domination and Sabena is both his partner/second in command and his lover. Al Douri has factions spread throughout the world, eager to do his bidding. Those who resisted or disobeyed would feel the wrath of the beautiful and deadly Sabena.

At first glance, this seems to be a spy novel. Then Medhat introduces characters and a setting that takes the story in a whole new direction. Kudamun exists in another place; neither a planet nor a star, it is like another dimension, ostensibly led by Aby-od, and the Elders of the High Council. Envious and desiring recognition and control, Aswa-da is a secret challenge to the Balance.

Drawing all the threads together Medhat creates a story that is compelling and rife with action and sex. Rather like a James Bond story with science fiction and supernatural overtones, The Trusted is a roller coaster ride of government corruption, greed, true love, and resolution. Brilliantly researched and well written, Medhat obviously put a lot of time and energy into the telling of the tale.

Pitting world leaders, the U.S. President, and the UK Prime Minister, against an organization so widespread and insidious presents a challenge. But when the ‘good guys’ have their own evil sides, the playing field becomes more unbalanced and leans toward the destructive world of darkness.

Baring the hidden agendas of those who oppose Al Nadir and their goal of world domination, Medhat paints a picture of government corruption that resonates with today’s political scene. Along with the growing threat of bloodthirsty groups who threaten the safety of the world, Medhat touches a nerve.

Adding the positive supernatural force that has its own plans for earth, a group within that inner circle of Elders has a shadowy figure who seeks to undermine earth, upsetting the tenuous balance the Elders struggle to maintain, Medhat has woven a tale that spans genres without losing the flavor of any.

This is a book for readers who can appreciate action, subterfuge, spies, high tech weapons, and detailed insight into the machinations of government’s undercover activities. Approach it with an open mind and you may come away with a new view of world politics and what motivates those in power.


He’s a husband, a killer, and the only man who can save the world…

Sam Noor keeps his double lives separate with expert precision. But when the MI6 agent’s wife discovers the lie, he fears that both his worlds may shatter. Distraught and conflicted, Noor concentrates on his latest mission and discovers a weapon that could cause a global catastrophe…

Drawn into the fight against a sinister terrorist group with powerful connections, Noor must uncover the faction’s secrets by any means necessary. Even if it puts the woman he loves in the line of fire.

But Noor has no way of knowing that a supernatural war rages within his nation. And the winner could take charge of humanity’s very soul.

Against forces that defy his reality, can Noor protect millions of innocents from a bloody end?

The Trusted is a riveting spy thriller with a dash of supernatural suspense. If you like dark action, gritty heroes, and intricately-woven plots, then you’ll love Michelle Medhat’s mind-blowing novel.

Buy The Trusted to watch a hero take down the terror today!

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