“Valon” by Charles Mitchell


Charles Mitchell Book Cover
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     I was intrigued by both the cover of Valon by author Charles Mitchell and the book’s description. From the beginning of this science fiction story, I was hooked. Mitchell has created two very different worlds, and each has its good and bad.

Teenager Randle Dobs lives with his father, Len, on an earth decimated by drought and pollution where mankind has regressed to a time before law and order. But Len Dobs was a moral man who raised his son following the “old ways”, before the apocalypse that left man barely better than savages. When his father dies Randle is left to fend for himself.

What follows the death of Len is an exciting adventure that leaves Randle exploring new worlds. His father’s teachings stay with him and he maintains the dignity he was taught. Finding himself in another world Randle begins to assimilate in the strange world of the Luxon’s. From the moment he awakens his life is changed dramatically. Learning the ways of the Luxon, adjusting to their different appearance, Randle soon becomes part of their society.

Mitchell has created a fascinating tale of courage, tragedy, friendship, and even romance. The characters in the book are as real as your next-door neighbor. There are friends and enemies, kind people and people who would easily cut your throat in the pursuit of glory. The author’s grasp of military maneuvers is amazing. He sets battle scenes that are so realistic you can practically hear the roar of cannons and smell the smoke of burning vehicles.

This is an exciting book with a solid plot and the potential to be the beginning of a series. I look forward to reading more books by Charles Mitchell.


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