Sun Born
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 I was eager to read Sun Born Book Two in the Morning Star Series as soon as I read the last word in Book One. W. Michael Gear and Kathleen O’Neal Gear continue the story of Cahokia and the world of the Morning Star in this exciting sequel.

            A new threat arrives in Cahokia, and once again the familiar cast of characters work to save Cahokia from ruin. From the Prologue and Lady Night Shadow Star’s prophetic dream, I was hooked. Piasa (Underworld Spirit) leads her to the hidden grotto of Old-Woman-Who-Never-Dies and a prediction for upcoming challenges are revealed.

The authors skillfully introduce the main characters from Book One through the “thief”, Seven Skull Shield, as he guides a visitor around Cahokia at the culmination of a great celebration, The Busk. At the conclusion of a competitive dance, the Morning Star awards a magnificent feathered cloak to the best dancer, Nine Strikes. He is the Little Sun of the Natchez Confederacy and brother of their high chief, the Great Sun. From this point forward, the action builds and mysteries ensue. The fate of Cahokia rests on the shoulders of Night Shadow Star and her slave, Fire Cat.

An old enemy soon arrives in Cahokia, accompanying visitors from both the Natchez Confederacy and the son of one of the leaders of Chichen Itza, Thirteen Sacred Jaguar. As the hidden conflicts develop between the visitors and the residents of Cahokia, tension builds. Each new event and confrontation challenges the stability of Cahokia’s future.

The authors provide a dramatic view of the personal and political lives of the people of this ancient world. Weaving a fictional story of conflicts with historical facts make a great story. Even when I thought I knew how this tale of intrigue and murders would end, I was surprised. Sun Born provides an excellent sequel to People of the Morning Star. Another winner for the Gears!

Now on to Moon Hunt: A People of Cahokia Novel (Book Three of the Morning Star Series) (North America’s Forgotten Past 3)!

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