Hammered: An Enemies to Lovers Romance (Hard n’ Dirty Book 5) by Alexis Alvarez

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I must confess; I’m a huge fan of Alexis Alvarez. Her books always grab me from the first paragraph. Hammered is no exception.  As soon as Talia and Dane meet, the reader will feel the electric sparks jump off the page. They have separate agendas, goals that are important to them. But those goals conflict like oil and water. Dane is the foreman of a construction crew that is developing a project near an area inhabited by Moorish Cranes. Talia is an environmental volunteer trying to save the breeding grounds of the birds. She and her BFF Lem confront Dane after breaking into the construction site. Talia wants to present her case for saving the breeding grounds to the owner of the company, hopeful she can change his mind. But, Dane refuses to connect her with the elusive Danton Carter. Instead, Dane unceremoniously escorts the women to the site exit, warning them not to return.

It’s destiny that they Dane and Talia cross paths again. That begins a steamy on again, off again relationship. This is a BDSM affair, filled with passion and lots of heat. Despite both of them resisting an emotional connection, it’s clear they like one another a lot. I hesitate to use the word “love”, although it’s as close as you can get. They are more than friends with benefits. If anything, they are frenemies with benefits. The biggest obstacle to their relationship growing is a secret Dane is keeping and Talia’s machinations on behalf of the birds.

Alvarez has a knack for making her characters so hot, I find myself rooting for them from page one. Talia and Dane fit that mold. In fact, Dane is one of the sexiest and most sensitive male character she’s brought to life (IMHO).

If you’re looking for a hot and heavy romance, with safe dominance, fascinating characters, and a plot that goes beyond the bedroom, Hammered is for you. It was definitely for me!

Alexis Alvarez
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