“The Watchmage of Old New York” (The Watchmage Chronicles Book 1) and “Cold Iron” (The Watchmage Chronicles Book 2) by C.A. Sanders

Between the Beats


I am re-posting my original review for “The Watchmage of Old New York” by C.A. Sanders for two reasons. First off, if you haven’t read it, it’s FREE on Kindle at the moment. Second, the next book in the Watchmage series, “Cold Iron (The Watchmage Chronicles Book 2)”, is available for pre-order at only $ .99!  I was fortunate enough to read an early ARC of this exciting and well-written historical fantasy. I don’t rave about a lot of books, but these two are brilliant. Unique settings and plots, vibrant characters that practically appear before the readers’ eyes, and a  writing style that is smooth and consistent throughout make both of these books winners.

Cold Iron

  “Cold Iron (The Watchmage Chronicles Book 2)” picks up soon after Book One concludes. Many of the characters will be familiar to the readers. Some characters are brand new. There are the familiar Ogre’s…

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