“What Isn’t She Telling” by Michelle Medhat

what she isnt telling
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I was drawn to this book as much by the blurb as by the reviews. The title is compelling, What Isn’t She Telling. Author Michelle Medhat has penned a brilliant combination of science fiction, political intrigue, terrorists, and romance in a taut page-turner.

Beginning with Ellie Noor’s nightmare which is almost prescient and shifting quickly to a conversation between two men who are followers of Al Nadir, Medhat sets the stage for a story that could have come from today’s news.

Ellie’s husband, Sam Noor, is an agent with Britain’s M16. Living as a diplomat, Sam has never revealed his true profession to Ellie. It’s only by accident that she discovers the secret he has been concealing for ten years.

But there are deeper and more spectacular secrets to come; the most amazing is Ellie’s secret. After she experiences both a strange dream and a bizarre type of seizure where she hears a voice calling to her and instructing her to “reverse the balance shift”, Ellie begins to question her life. What she doesn’t know is that she has a vital role to play in the survival of the world.

The story goes beyond the relationship between Sam and Ellie. As Sam battles the forces of Al Nadir led by the enigmatic Salim Al Douri and his consort, Sabena, Ellie is drawn deeper and deeper into the mystery of her existence.

Filled with action, mind-blowing technology, and sexy heroes and villains, this is a complex and riveting story. Each chapter brings new revelations as the characters develop and forge forward.

In a world where the survival of humankind rests on the battle between good and evil, Sam and Ellie are the focal points for the wars. Behind the scenes, world leaders (the American president and the British Prime Minister) are part of the intrigue.

Overseeing Earth in a place “not part of the universe they guarded” called Kudamun live the Kudamaz. These beings are responsible for keeping the balance between good and evil on the planets they guard. An intricate council system led by two houses govern the roles of the other Kudamun.

This is not a book easily summarized. To do so would be a slight, both to the author and the story. This is a book read with a degree of reverence. Each chapter peels back a covering to reveal astounding secrets and intense action. From the violent uprisings on Earth, the subterfuge of world leaders, and the dazzling descriptions of other worlds, Medhat weaves a story that has the potential to be remembered for many years.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys science fiction, politics, and high powered exploits.

Michelle Medhat
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