Burned Toast

Thanks to Karen Mossman for her review of my Electric Eclectic Novelette, “Burned Toast.” This was a painful short story for me to write as it is about a subject I am personally familiar with, domestic abuse. While the character in the story, Melly, has experiences that outweigh mine in intensity, any intimate partner violence is traumatic. In writing this book I drew from the stories of other survivors as well as my own past.

Magic Reviews

Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 08.33.33Genre: Crime/Women’s Fiction


After escaping an abusive relationship, Melly builds a new life, far from her abuser. But, some men just won’t take no for an answer. What happens when Melly awakens in a strange place and comes face to face with the monster from her past? Is she strong enough to survive? Or is Jim angry enough to put an end to her running? “A gut-wrenchingly harsh emotional rollercoaster…”

Karen’s Book Buzz Review

Some stories just have to be told and this is told without embellishment and none was needed.

The facts speak for themselves and official statistics can show the number of incidents of domestic abuse recorded but the problem is always much bigger as many are just not reported.

Although presented as fiction, this story has elements of truth as behind closed doors, mental and physically violence is going on, even as you read this.  It’s…

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