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I’m thrilled to have three of my novelettes in the Electric Eclectic family. I’ve already read some of the books by other authors featured on the site. A couple have been reviewed on my blog.

Rainne's Ramblings

Electric Eclectic (EE) is a new way to introduce you to new authors.

All EE novelettes are priced at £1/€1/$1 and are quick reads (6k-20k words).

Visit the website: Read more about the novelettes and the authors.
Subscribe for updates: Be notified when a new book is released.
Join The Electric Network: Chat with the authors and other readers.

Be sure to give the Electric Eclectic Facebook page a like too.

Electric Eclectic currently has six authors and 14 titles. It’s a great way to find your ‘next favourite book’ and ‘new authors’ to follow.


The Books:

Please add some (or all) of these titles to your to-read list on Goodreads and let everyone know about these books.

by Rush Leaming

April ShowersApril Showers
by Elizabeth Horton-Newton

Chantilly LaceChantilly Lace
by Ian Welch

Dark at the Top of the StairsDark at the Top of the Stairs
by Elizabeth Horton-Newton

Distant TimeDistant Time
by Karen J Mossman

Mechanical MikeMechanical…

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