“The Little Blue Book for Authors: 53 Dos & Don’ts Nobody Is Telling You” by Gisela Hausmann


little blue book
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As a rule I am not a great fan of self-help or advice books. That being said, there is one author I will go to every time I am looking for indie author advice: Gisela Hausmann, a top Amazon reviewer. Every one of her books that I have read has provided me without invaluable suggestions on how to be a successful writer. Note, she does not tell writers HOW to write books, she advises on the best strategies for selling books, promoting books, finding readers and reviewers, and every little thing you can think of to get your work out there. Her latest offering, The Little Blue Book for Authors: 53 Dos & Don’ts Nobody Is Telling You is a well written, to the point collection of fifty-three suggestions.

Writers want to spend their time writing, not reading how-to books. Hausmann obviously respects this because this book is concise and easy to both understand and implement. I highly recommend this book to authors, want to be authors, or those thinking about jumping into the book writing pool.

Gisela Hausmann on Amazon

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