Royally Mine: 22 All-New Bad Boy Romance Novellas: “Royally Screwed” by Alexis Alvarez



Alexis Alvarez on Amazon

Royally Mine: 22 All-New Bad Boy Romance Novellas is a great collection of steamy novellas any reader of sexy romances will enjoy. If you like spicy love stories you’re sure to find a few you’ll love. By far my favorite is “Royally Screwed” by Alexis Alvarez. Alvarez has long been one of my favorite erotic romance writers and her novella in this collection lives up to expectations. I was given an ARC copy of her story for an honest review and enjoyed her story so much I purchased the entire collection. Most of the stories were very well written, while some would benefit from minor editing. Overall the collection provides great bed time reading.


“Royally Screwed” is delightful. As with all of Alvarez’s romances, the primary female character is strong. Maya is a photographer who, along with her friend Mags, does volunteer work for an organization called “Save Our Smiles”. Mags has a major crush on Prince Erik of Syldavia. When the married prince and his brother Prince Henri, arrive in Chicago, Mags arranges for them to interview the prince. As the story progresses there are interesting, and exciting, twists and turns. Alvarez writes stories that are not only hot but have solid plots behind them. This novella is no exception. The electricity between the characters is palpable, the intimacy sensual, and the conclusion satisfying.

This collection is worth reading if only for this story. Add in the other twenty-one novellas and you’ve got some terrific tales to get your temperature rising.

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