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Poetry is very personal. Writing is personal, but, poetry comes from the soul. The words and the way they are presented tell the reader what the writer is feeling. In Versus Verses – Feel Anita Kovacevic opens her heart and invites readers to enter and take a look around. Perhaps while reading her poetry we will see something of our own experiences and relive feelings we’ve buried or forgotten.


Kovacevic exposes her frustrations, her longings, her hopes, and her inner conflicts. Those emotions can be mirrored in almost anyone’s life. We have all experienced feelings that can be overwhelming. By giving voice to her sentiments, Kovacevic gives the reader permission to experience and share her own inner dreams and nightmares.

Kovacevic leads us through the burden of unpleasant experiences and encourages us to lay them down and take a break. Using expressive and often lyrical combinations of words she gently provides her responses and solutions to those deeply hidden emotions we all try to conceal and deal with on our own. Allowing us the ability to share with her as she shares with us, she helps the reader release the bindings that keep our souls earthbound, permitting us for a short time to bond with another person.

Freedom and Dancing with My Demons tell the reader there is a light at the end of every tunnel; there is a dawn after the darkest night. But it is her advice in her poem New Path where she tells us to “Take the plunge, the step, the leap. Let go of every burden, And what you need – remember to keep.” This is brilliant advice from a newly published poetess. I look forward to more of her verses.

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