Meet Robyn Cain, a Twisted Tales author

Author Robyn Cain is one of my favorite indie writers. Her books and short stories are always well written and thought provoking. Along with Joseph Mark Brewer who conducted this interview, we contributed short stories to anthologies published by Readers Circle of Avenue Park. It’s an honor to work with both of these fine authors.

Joseph Mark Brewer

To paraphrase Forrest Gump (and his momma): “twisted is as twisted does”- so grab your ebook copy of Twisted Tales (or a print copy by clicking here), a Readers’ Choice selection of short fiction from Readers’ Circle of Avenue Park. Literary lies, epic yarns – it’s an eclectic collection of stories by authors from around the globe.

Twisted Tales 15LitLiesEpicYarnsFINAL

In today’s Meet the Authors series I’m delighted to welcome to the blog Robyn Cain.

While in high school, Robyn Cain’s writing dreams budded and waned. Those dreams were rekindled after accomplishing a first class honours degree in English/Writing, and a PGCE.  Robyn went on to complete her Masters in Creative Writing and taught English and creative writing.

Most of Robyn’s books are set in Cheshire, incorporating British and Asian cultures. Each novel is in a different genre.
Seven Stops is a contemporary fiction novel; Goods By Hand and its sequel, Footsteps of Galatea

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