My Top Indie Reads of 2016

Every year I try to choose ten indie books that topped my reading list. Every year it becomes more difficult. This year was the hardest yet but I’ve managed to narrow it down to ten. I’ve reviewed all these books on my blog and you might want to read those to get the full picture of my thoughts. Meanwhile, here they are; my favorite indie reads of 2016. Check them out!

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  1. Average Daydreamer by Anita Kovacevic. This is my favorite book of the past year. I’ve read all of Kovacevic’s writings, books and short stories. This was a big change in subject matter and she handled it with the same skill she’s shown in her previous writings. It’s romantic, funny, and sweet. The characters are so true to life they practically walk off the page. I hope she’ll write more books like this one. Oh heck, I’ll read anything she writes! Surprise me!

  2. The Price of Treachery by Ted Tayler. This is the fifth book in “The
    price of treachery
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    Phoenix” series and as with the earlier books it packs a punch. Tayler never hesitates to tackle real life issues in his fiction. Without giving anything away I will say a lot of dirty secrets come to light in this edition. As for this winner of a series I highly recommend you start at the beginning. The characters evolve perfectly and their relationships wrap around one another like the tight weave of a fine cloth. I can’t wait for the next adventure.

  3. reaching

    Reaching for the Light, An Incest Survivor’s Story by J.C. Christian. This is a book everyone should read. Put aside everything you think you know about child sexual abuse. Christian has penned a no holds barred memoir of the horrors she experienced and how they impacted her life. It takes a courageous person to revisit the nightmare childhood of abuse but this author does it. Kudos to Christian for pulling the covers off this not uncommon form of child abuse.

  4. Stealth Moves by Sanna Hines. Hines has given us a book
    Stealth Moves
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    entirely removed from her premier novel, Shining Ones: Legacy of the Sidhe. This book can be enjoyed by adult and teen both. It’s a fascinating mystery with some characters you will love and some you will definitely hate. Hines deals beautifully with the teen mindset while effectively holding the interest of an adult reader. If you like a good suspense tale this will fill your need.

  5. trusting Jack
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    Trusting Jack by Beth Hale. Beth Hale has easily become one of my new favorite writers and I find myself looking for her books. Her characters are wonderful; full of all the good and bad people carry. The story is well developed. It’s not easy to write a romance that isn’t trite or silly but both of Hale’s books contain much more than the usual boy meets girl, they overcome difficulties, and all is well in the end. There are nifty little side stories in Hale’s books that kept me reading past my bedtime. Keep your eyes open for her books! (I also loved Taming James which I guess you could call 5B)

  6. Night Eyes by Claire Stibbe. This is the second in the Detective

    Temke Crime Series. Temeke’s character continues to develop and his partner Malin Santiago remains his possibly romantic interest. I suspect their relationship is developing. But the story itself is a brilliantly constructed mystery that held my interest straight through. The interactions between the characters are spot on. My favorite character is the son of Albuquerque’s Mayor, twelve year old Adam. His is both precocious and child like as a boy bordering on puberty can be. I like these characters and their stories so much I’m already halfway through the newest book, Past Rites. It’s scaring the heck out of me! Love a good detective story? Read this series.

  7. stranger
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    A Stranger Came Among Them by Donald Montano. I loved Zane Grey as a child but haven’t read a solid western in many years. I’m glad I took a chance on Montano’s book. His grasp of the old West is wonderful. I fell in love with John Sampson almost immediately. Montano did a phenomenal job of creating characters with depth and a story that carried them through to the end. There’s plenty of action and suspense in the pages too. Even if you don’t usually read Westerns check this one out. You will be quite surprised.

  8. Magnolia Secrets by Beth Hale. As I said earlier she is one
    Magnolia Secrets
    Available on Amazon

    of my new favorite authors. In this book Hale addresses the sensitive subject of spousal abuse as well as small town corruption. It’s a tensely engaging book with plenty of sultry romance to keep the blood pumping. I’ve just purchased Hale’s second book in the Magnolia Series and can’t wait to get started.

  9. thiefs-mistake
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    The Thief’s Mistake by Joseph Mark Brewer is the second book in the Shig Sato Mystery series. Even more interesting than the first book, The Gangster’s Son, Brewer cleverly adds an autistic witness to a crime and the clumsy Kobayashi twins to a story fraught with mystery and suspense. I am so impressed with the character of Shig Sato who epitomizes the Japanese culture. As Sato works to clear his own name he is drawn into the vengeful plans of a psychotic killer. Sato is something of a Japanese Sherlock Holmes though far less quirky. Add his partner Ken Abe to the mix and you have the perfect detective duo. I just added Brewer’s latest Shig Sato mystery to my Kindle. Stay tuned for my review!

  10. Boston by Alexis Alvarez. I’m a big fan of the erotic fiction Ms. Alvarez writes so well.
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    Boston is a bit different. It could be classified as a romance with comedic tones. As you might guess the story takes place in Boston, a winning point to begin with. Parker Minelli, the lead male character, is a hottie. It’s impossible not to love this guy. There are the stirrings of romance complicated by the sexy ex-girlfriend to keep things rolling along. I was rooting for Parker and author Abby to reconcile their differences and learn to appreciate them. You have to love Alvarez and the way she carries a romantic thread giving it just enough angst to make things interesting.


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5 thoughts on “My Top Indie Reads of 2016

  1. You got me all mushy with this. Thank you.
    PS: OK, you already got me hooked on some authors and now, I admit it, I’ve just downloaded the detective Temeke book 1, by Claire Stibbe. Promising!

    1. Excellent choice! I have just finished “Past Rites” by Claire Stibbe and am preparing to review it. It’s great and further develops the relationships between the characters. I look forward to reading your thoughts. But please keep writing because I enjoy your books very much!

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