“Crooked Tales” – 15 Short Stories

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“Crooked Tales”

Deception and Revenge in 15 Short Stories

15 Short Stories | 15 Authors. All very vengeful and deceitful:
A Crooked Mile – Fiona Quinn
Squatter – Ulla Hakanson
The Scream of Silence – Pamela Crane
Angel Heart – Michelle Medhat
Beneath – Anita Kovacevic
Confessions – Julie Mayerson Brown
Death of a Sparrowman – Eric Gates
Keeping It in the Family – Traci Sanders
Mark of the Hyena – Mark Fine
Nothing But the Truth – Joe Brewer
Red Queen Check – Elizabeth Horton-Newton
Cold – Lubna ‘Chaudry’ Sengul
Ubiquitous – Geoff Nelder
Set for Saturday – Keith Dixon
Terrestrial Traitor – Jeremy Croston

Red Queen Check (Excerpt)


Elizabeth Horton-Newton

          “The red gown clung to her body like a second skin. It was apparent to everyone she wore no undergarments. Her short platinum blond hair stood out in strong contrast to her tanned skin. The head of every man in the room turned as she passed. Every woman’s head turned as well, some envious, some desirous. Mark turned as she approached and a smile lit his face. He loved it when she came into a room looking like this. All eyes were on her and she was his, all his.”

blond red dress

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