Buy, Read, Review, Share Your Books

If you’re anything like I am you’re probably an avid reader. National Book Lover’s Day is almost like Christmas (or Hanukkah) for me. I read as many as two books a week, depending on the number of pages. Part of the reason is my love of reading and the other part is the fact that I am a book reviewer for Readers Review Room. In addition, I am an author.reader

What did I do for National Book Lover’s Day? I wrote a short story for an upcoming anthology and started a short story for another one. I read a few chapters of a book I am reviewing. I promoted some of my favorite indie author’s by tweeting about their books, following them on Facebook, and adding to my ever-growing Kindle list of must read books.

There are a lot of fun things to do on this day. I compiled a quickie list. Pick one or two and don’t forget to review the books you read. Indie author’s live and die by their reviews and we don’t have the big budgets of prominent publishers. Thanks and happy reading!

  1. The easiest and least expensive way to celebrate National Book Lover’s Day is to go to your local public library. Peruse the stacks. Look at the new additions, check to see of your favorite authors have anything new available, see what’s popular and even what isn’t. Check out something old and something new.library
  2. Discover a new author. That may involve talking to a friend or relative about what she is reading. Look at various bookseller sites online and search your favorite genre. Read the blurbs and find one that grabs you, then buy it!
  3. Almost everyone has some favorite old book in their home. Dig out that old beloved tale and settle down with it. I often find when I re-read a golden oldie I find some new detail I hadn’t noticed before. It’s like finding a hidden treasure.
  4. Gather some of your old paperbacks or hardbacks and, if you don’t want them any longer, pack them up and donate them to a local shelter, hospital, doctor’s office, church, school, or daycare. Ask your friends if they would like one or two. Sharing a good book is a great way to get to know people maybe find a new book for yourself.stack books
  5. Write a review of a book you have enjoyed. It’s another excellent way of sharing the pleasure you got from reading.
  6. Go to a local school, daycare, or senior city and read to the students or residents. If you have extra tome on a regular basis you might consider starting a reading group at a local assisted living. I’ve done it and the elders are delighted to have a new face sharing a good story.
  7. Contact an indie writer and send her a note saying how much you liked her book. Ask if she has any new books coming out. The encouragement you give a new writer can be the shining light in her day.Writer-Editor-Intern
  8. You might try your hand at writing a short story. There may be a future Stephen King or J.K. Rowling in your head.

However you choose to celebrate the day, don’t this be the only day you indulge in books. There are so many books and so little time. Get started! Someone is writing your next favorite book right now!

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