“Capturing Kate” by Alexis Alvarez

capturing kate
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Alexis Alvarez steps it up to super hot in “Capturing Kate”. This is a sizzling kinky read with BDSM that will steam up the glasses of even the most adventurous reader. Reporter Kate Klein suddenly finds herself caught up in the midst of an FBI undercover operation. Hours after meeting sexy Sloan in her friend’s coffee shop she is dumped unceremoniously into his care. Sloan is undeniably tough and has an interesting way of keeping control of a situation. Of course Kate is already hot with desire for the super masculine FBI agent. Things progress at a nice spicy pace and there is enough of an understory to hold the readers interest. I’m not usually a fan of BDSM but I must confess I could easily be persuaded to read more if it’s as good as this book!

In addition to the sexy interplay between Kate and her captor there is a story of suspense and intrigue. Kate has inadvertently stumbled onto criminal activity and has been targeted by a threatening group of international terrorists. Even as she resists Sloan’s protection, he fights to keep her safe. What neither suspects is there is someone else who is working against them. The story builds to a thrilling climax.

 I was given an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

Book Blurb

Twenty-eight-year-old journalist Kate Klein knew reporting on a powerful businessman’s disregard for the safety of the local water supply was a dangerous assignment, but she is nonetheless shocked when she is suddenly taken captive, bound, and brought to a remote cabin.

Her gruff yet undeniably handsome captor turns out to be a man named Sloan who claims he is an undercover FBI agent investigating the same organization she has been trying to expose. Kate is unsure whether Sloan can be trusted, but he makes it clear that he plans to do whatever is necessary to protect her, whether she likes it or not. If keeping her safe requires taking her over his knee for a stern punishment to ensure her obedience, then so be it.

When Kate keeps some critical information from Sloan, a long, hard spanking on her bare bottom quickly proves that his warning was not a bluff. To her surprise, however, the painful, embarrassing chastisement leaves Kate not only promising to be good but also yearning for Sloan to take her in his arms and claim her thoroughly.

Sloan’s skilled, dominant lovemaking is unlike anything Kate has ever experienced before, and she finds her desire for him growing more intense by the hour. But when something goes terribly wrong and the entire investigation is put in jeopardy, can Sloan prove to Kate that she is not just a means to an end for him?

Publisher’s Note: Capturing Kate is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Alexis Alvarez, Amazon Author Page

          Alexis Alvarez writer erotic fiction. Her books feature strong, intelligent sassy heroines who may enjoy being submissive in the bedroom, but are never doormats or pushovers.
You can find more about her work on her website Graffiti Fiction, where she and her two real-life sisters – who are also romance writers – blog about their books.
In addition to being a romance author, Alexis is also a photographer and digital designer. She enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and making really inappropriate jokes.

Alexis’ most recent books include:

Myka and the Millionaire, a sexy BSDM novel with an HEA
Return, a dark BDSM novel with an HEA
Dream Girl: Love on Reality TV, a light, sexy contemporary romance with sizzle and an HEA

As you can see, her themes are 1) Sexy! and 2) HEA (Happy Ever After.) She also enjoys 3)Smart, clever writing. She wants her books to entertain and stimulate your mind.

Alexis is working on three books right now. One of them is similar to Dream Girl in style — a contemporary. love story that’s sexy and steamy and smart, but not kinky.

The other two are definitely kinky with a very high heat level. Stay tuned — they should all publish this year.

You can find Alexis on Facebook, too! Her author page is here: Alexis Alvarez on Facebook

Please stop by her Facebook to comment, share a joke, or just say hi.

Alexis would love to hear your answer to this questions: “What kind of hero do you want to read about next: Fireman, FBI agent, doctor, Guy Who Names Lipstick Colors Because He’s Really Good At It And Keeps This Job A Secret From His Love Interest?” Please share! Thanks! 🙂


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