Review of “Old Habits” By Elizabeth Horton Newton.

Thanks to Neil Douglas Newton for his review of my short story “Old Habits”. Check out “Twisted Tales” for a great anthology of stories by an international array of authors.

Where the buck stops

Twisted Tales 15LitLiesEpicYarnsFINALNeil Newton: Blogger and author of the novel “The Railroad” on

This story is part of an international collection of short stories with the appropriate title “Twisted Tails”. I approached this story with some apprehension, not being a fan of horror. I was pleasantly surprised. One of the very strong aspects of the story that makes it hang together as a true short story, rather than the common splatter fare featuring serial killers, is the portrayal of the main character, Gaunt Thibedeaux, as a highly developed human being. Adding to this is another dimension that makes the character authentic: a small, timeless, sleepy town, full of good American values that is the backdrop for Gaunt’s less than American activities.
Gaunt begins life in less than ideal circumstances. Mother is a lonely alcoholic who spreads the bounty of her misery as much as possible. Gaunt, like many children…

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