Twisted Tales: A Man Walks Out Of A Bar by J. Mayerson Brown

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The first story in this wonderful anthology is by author J. Mayerson Brown. Her first novel, The Long Dance Home, has been widely acclaimed on Amazon. Her contribution to this collection, A Man Walks Out Of A  Bar, is a fascinating examination of how fate can intervene in most unexpected ways. She skillfully develops her characters in a few short pages. The male protagonist Mitch is struggling with marital problems that began with an act of infidelity on his part. Carefully applying the layers of the developing difficulties it is apparent Mitch is not near a resolution of the situation. When on a business trip he encounters a beautiful woman, Diana, in the hotel bar he is once again presented with the dilemma of fidelity versus sexual gratification. On the other hand we have Diana who is waiting for the arrival of a man she met on line but has never seen in person. Somewhat shy and uncertain, it is apparent she is ready to make a change in her life. This is where fate steps in. Her blind date is late and while Mitch encourages her to wait a flirtation develops. As a reader (and a married woman) I am torn between hoping Mitch gets shot down and the romantic side of me who hopes he finds his soul mate. The author manages to help me sit on the fence as an intense observer without feeling any guilt. The best part of this is story is that it comes to a gratifying conclusion. The author does not leave her readers hanging.

This first story is an excellent introduction to Twisted Tales. This is an anthology I highly recommend, not only because I have a story in there but because this group of fine authors offer a delicious selection of tales that will whet and then fill the appetite of any hungry reader. If you enjoy one of the short stories you should check out other books by the writers.

Next I will be reviewing Active Vs. Passive by Anita Kovacevic.

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Readers Circle of Avenue Park-Julie Mayerson Brown

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