“Immortal and Sane” by Benedict J. Martin

immortal and sane  benedict martin

Leave it to Benedict Martin to provide a unique twist on both science fiction and the paranormal. Coupling these genres through the use of a romantic couple is nothing short of brilliant. Let’s face it, a vampire isn’t likely to get much nourishment from an android.

But there is more to this story than meets the eye. First off Nelly Jones is not your run of the mill vampire. Her type of vampire doesn’t bite necks and drink blood. When you’re chosen by the incredibly beautiful Nelly rest assured it will be quick and final. As part of a family run by Mother, she and her best friend, the likewise stunning Roxanne, are at the top of their game. Meanwhile the artistic Andrew Jones has a secret of his own; he is an android. Underemployed, when he is employed, he is not motivated to reach the heights in his field. Content to coast along as Nelly’s husband and step-father to Giacomo and Bianca he struggles with the very human ailment of sciatica. Yes, this android has a bad back. There is nothing to indicate he is anything more than an average Joe. Taking up the reins of parenthood after the death of Nelly’s previous husband, a world renowned soccer player, he feels inadequate in the eyes of his wife and her children.

As the story progresses secrets will be revealed, as secrets always are in both fantasy and real life. When a vampire group from “Home” arrives and attempts to take over Mother’s group, both Nelly and Andrew are forced to face some very difficult facts about themselves and their values. Unlike the attractive if still deadly vampires in Nelly’s “Family”, these intruders are frightening in appearance as well as behavior.

The question is posed: can an android and a vampire find love and raise two normal children in a crazy fantasy world of violence and danger? This book is proof that Benedict Martin can reach beyond the ordinary to entertain. My only complaint is that I want more of this story. I want to know what happens next. But that is the evidence that this is a great read. Perhaps someday Mr. Martin will put pen to paper (or more likely fingers to keyboard) and take us on further adventures with Andrew and Nelly.

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