“The Abduction of Rupert DeVille” by Paul White

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The Abduction of Rupert DeVille” is a delightful combination of suspense and witty humor that kept me reading well past my bedtime. What begins as a thrilling abduction evolves into a love story with a side trip into intrigue. Paul White’s characters are full bodied, true to life people whose interactions are sometimes puzzling and often humorous. From the moment Rupert is snatched from the bus stop where he waits daily for his transportation to work, this main character is obviously a charming and bumbling nerd. Fixated on his planned evening when he plans to propose to his girlfriend Carla, he misses his bus. In a matter of minutes he is grabbed and hustled into a waiting van by a threatening duo of thugs. Whisked into the country, boarded onto a plane, and flown to an unknown destination, he meets the General. The authoritarian General immediately realizes his men have kidnapped the wrong man.  As Rupert awaits his fate at the hands of his captors he ruminates on how he came to be in such an unlikely position.

Meanwhile the love of his life Carla becomes concerned when Rupert doesn’t make his regular morning call to her. After several attempts to reach him by phone, she telephones his employer, bookstore owner George. This is followed by an often hilarious attempt by George to locate his usually reliable employee while attempting to reassure Carla.

The adventures of these three become entangled with the police and spies in a sometimes unbelievable but always entertaining read.

White manages to keep the reader engaged, even when things occur that border on the absurd. It’s a fun story with an intricate plot. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys an exciting read.

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