Love Is In the Air: “View From the Sixth Floor: An Oswald Tale”

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When I started writing this book it was primarily to present a different angle on the assassination of President John Kennedy on November 22, 1963 on the streets of Dallas, Texas.  For years I had believed the shooting was a conspiracy and believed it was likely accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald was innocent. I’m not an historian and while I read extensively about the events of that bright fall day, I was in no way qualified to state anything other than my opinion. Left with no other way to put my ideas out there I began to think about alternatives. Suppose someone knew the truth? I actually think there may be a few people still alive who do know the truth. Suppose one of those people was identified by a government that was desperate to keep the secrets of that long ago day? That was how “View From the Sixth Floor: An Oswald Tale” was born.

oswald framed oswaald pics


Now I had to wonder if the person who knew the truth would share it with anyone else. It wasn’t a long stretch to consider a spouse or a child as a confidante. Suddenly I was writing about a retired school teacher who lived in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina; a woman who inadvertently became caught up in one of the biggest cover-ups in United States history.

Once the story was started, it took off on its own. This book allowed me the luxury of giving my opinions, creating a unique love story, and exploring places that actually exist.

The Sixth Floor Museum

I visited Dallas, Texas and the Texas School Book Depository that is now the Sixth Floor Museum. Olivia and Bill stay at a cabin in Hot Springs, Arkansas that is based on a real place in Hot Springs, North Carolina (Thanks to Pete and Mary for providing such a wonderful and relaxing place to work on my books.) The towns and lodgings where Bill and Olivia stay are real places, and even the gas station/convenience store where they make their final stop exists. I’ve been to London and seen the ice skaters in front of the British Museum.

Pine Cabin Rainy Day
View From Pine Cabin

Choosing the names for my characters was a tad more challenging, especially when it came to Bill Horton. In the end he is named for my great grandfather thereby carrying on the Horton name.

I don’t pretend that this story is loaded with facts. Of course, there are the obvious ones. It has become more of a love story between an older couple who find one another in their twilight years and struggle against formidable obstacles to be together. Olivia and Bill are, as I said, unique. But they prove what I have found to be true; older people can still fall in love, have enjoyable sex lives, and share remarkable adventures.


Wherever they are now, I can only hope that this delightful and indomitable couple is still together sharing their final years enjoying goat cheese and blue valleys. Perhaps someday I will run into them beneath a sunny azure sky and we can share a bottle of wine. That is a final hint, dear readers. And I suspect only one other person on earth will get it.


With love and gratitude for the support of my readers and supporters, I remain, as ever yours,

Elizabeth Noreen Horton-Newton


sixth floor

Book Blurb

This romantic thriller takes a fictional “what if” look at the JFK assassination. Suppose accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald had lived to defend himself. Imagine if 50 years after the assassination someone stepped forward to reveal the truth of what happened that day. What if the assassination was a conspiracy and the impact of those revelations reached into the 21st century? This is the story of ordinary people caught up in extraordinary events. You’ll never look at your neighbors the same way.



‘The reader is simultaneously watching Bill and Livvy’s romance unfold and watching one of the most infamous events in American history scrutinized up-close. Sixth Floor is special because it tells the story of regular people against the backdrop of history and because it romanticizes and humanizes unlikely people. Overall, a strongly recommended read. Check it out today!’ The Minter

‘The pace is steady and the tension builds steadily. The suspense was intense at times where I, like the character wondered if she was imagining things and the writer was leading us down a bind ally. The best part was the ending. And I will say no more for fear of giving away an excellent one. I read until I was finished a book that I had misgivings about when viewing the title. It was well worth it.’ Pamela J. Silva

‘This is one of those books I had to tell friends about. It was that good. I don’t want to ruin the suspense for anyone by saying much more.’ Lynne Murray

‘I found myself flipping pages as fast as I could read them, just to find out what happened next! All-in-all, I would definitely recommend this book for anyone who enjoys well-developed tales full of complex characters. :-)’ Over the Rainbow

‘A fascinating and unique take on an unforgettable event in American history.’ Rainne Atkins

‘I loved this story. Every page takes the reader deeper and deeper into the life of Livvy and her next door neighbor Bill. Nothing is what it seems. The characters are intricate, deeply developed. Middle aged love affair was written with class and style. Who do you think shot JFK? A book with heart! Put it on your “next to be read”. Lynda M. Filler, Target in the Sun

‘I was enthralled with this new twist, which did not disappoint – the pace grew right to the end.’ Lexa Harpell, To Mum, Gifts From the Soul

‘Author Elizabeth Horton-Newton offers a fresh take that will encourage readers to ask their own questions in the thoughtful novel View from the Sixth Floor.’ The Write Edge

Five stars and well earned! I read this book in the kindle edition and finished it in one sitting.’ Michael Lynes, There Is A Reaper: Losing a Child to Cancer

‘I have to say that this book earned the 5 stars. From the first page I was sucked into the story and the history. It was a great book filled with history,romance, intrigue, and conspiracy. It was very well written and had a great storyline. It was a work of fiction, but books like this can really get a person to thinking about the time old question of  What If? This is one of the best historical books I have read in a while and will highly recommend.’ StormiBoundlessBook Reviews

Finally, I must applaud the writers’ imagination. The plotting of her story holds true despite the real world truths stacked against it.’ Mark Fine, The Zebra Affaire: An Apartheid Love Story

‘What starts as a weird hybrid of middle-aged romance cum road trip, turns into a paranoid thriller in the style of  TheParallax View, and gets faster and faster to a breathless denouement. Full marks also for accurate descriptions of spies’ “tradecraft”.’ Charlie Flowers, The Riz Sabir Series

‘Not only are the main characters well developed, the cameo appearances of Officials/Corrupt lawyers and even waitresses are in perfect keeping with the peripheral activity that creeps into the main plot. I would recommend this as a cozy but intelligent read, difficult to put down once started.’ Andrew Wilson





3 thoughts on “Love Is In the Air: “View From the Sixth Floor: An Oswald Tale”

  1. Does this mean what I think it means???? I still think about your book often and would love to find out if anything more happens to Olivia and Bill!!!!

    Can’t wait to see what’s next in this story for you!

    1. Thank you so much for this wonderful comment! Many readers have asked me if I will continue the story. I had never planned to do so, but recently I have considered the possibility. They certainly turned out to be a popular couple!

  2. Reblogged this on Between the Beats and commented:

    Today marks fifty-four years since President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. I believe it was a pivotal point in American history. For me, it was the beginning of our lost of innocence as a country. I also feel as though it was the advent of corruption and the decline of integrity in the White House. In fact, most of our political system has deteriorated.
    At any rate, in remembrance of of the events of that day, “View From the Sixth Floor: An Oswald Tale” is on sale on Amazon Kindle for $.99 through November 24th. You can also enter a drawing to win a FREE signed copy of the book on my webpage. The links follow.

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